Monday, October 8, 2007

5 Professional Blogger Types

1. Independent

The classic professional blogger as addressed by ProBlogger and Performacing is the independent blogger. An independent blogger makes his or her revenue from traffic visiting the blog, either through advertising revenue, affiliate links, paid subscriptions, donations, or paid reviews.

2. Corporate insider

A corporate blogger uses the blog to drive sales to his or her company's products or services. A corporate blog may be independent or complementary to a traditional web site.

In this case, traffic is good only so long as it drives more traffic to the site, increases brand awareness, or increases the company's reputation.

3. Corporate outsider

A corporate outsider is hired to do the job of a corporate insider - that's what I'm doing. Before beginning to blog, the hired blogger has to get up to speed on the story and benefits of the product, create a mission for the blog and integrate it into the company. The insider doesn't need to get up to speed, but otherwise they are identical.

4. Sponsored blogger

As Gavin pointed out in a comment, a company may hire a blogger to blog about whatever so long as they get to host the blog on their site and wrap their site around it. In this case, the blogger doesn't need to get up to speed on the company because he's not representing the company.

5. Paid for posts

Bloggers can make money writing posts for companies, other bloggers, or post archives. They are usually paid per post and/or per traffic generated by the post. Per post payment is usually pretty low.


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