Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marketing Overloaded My Head

As I mentioned previously, so long as I have a full-time position, this might be a low traffic blog. I'll try write 2 to 3 posts a week, but 1 at a minimum is all I promise for now.

My stint at becoming a "marketer" and all that entails is beginning to cause some friction. Having been roped into the marketing team, it's becoming clear that I'm not necessarily a good marketer. I know what I like, and I know what my audience likes. Emphasis on my audience, not the general public. I can market to bloggers and blog-readers, and that's it.

Roping me in to write copy for PowerPoint presentations to CEOs, press releases to news outlets, and so on, is not necessarily going to get you anything special, and might actually get you crap. Oh, I'm still creative as hell, full of ides and insights, new ways to look at products and marketing stories, etc. But the nitty gritty of ad copy and presentations not only annoys me, but wastes valuable time when I should be networking and writing web site guides or blog posts.

I've had to say this now in no uncertain terms. I didn't become a blogger to do work I'm not good at and don't enjoy. I've got lots of other jobs which can give me that experience. I've begun drawing lines.

Speaking of drawing lines, working from home is one of the classic areas where line drawing is difficult. I tend to work way too much. I wouldn't have a problem drawing a line for a normal company doing something basic like technical writing. But for a startup company that has loads of work and short deadlines, ad needs to get off the ground, it's hard to know when to say enough is enough.

When it comes to the point that the only relaxed time is when you're cooking or doing the dishes, enough is enough.

Speaking of networking .... but that's another post.



Gavin Schmitt said...

From your description, it seems like you've become more like a working partner in a small business start up, rather than a blogger/network facilitator in the marketing department. I mean, who else is in the marketing department, and why can't they write add copy and press releases?

You have my understanding sympathies on this one. I started Robot Martini to publish games (specifically to make art and design games), but I spend a large part of my days doing marketing, warehouse management, sales negotiation, and financial book keeping... still, I'm working towards the success of my own company, which has obvious rewards. Just make sure the reward for working you to your hardest, on things you don't want to do, is good enough at the end of the day :-D

Yehuda said...

This is just a direct result of my finding out about what a corporate blogging position without any real guidance. Forging new territory, so to speak.

Now I know: don't get sucked into everything else that has to do with marketing or your work as a blogger will suffer.