Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey! When Did I Become a Marketer?

It suddenly struck me as I was walking home this afternoon that I had shifted professions into the marketing profession.

I arranged two interviews today, one of which occurred while I was walking home. When I asked the person on the phone with whom I would be meeting, she said the marketing department. That's when it hit me.

I'm a marketer. Of course, I should have realized this.

Corporate blogging is about selling a brand and controlling the user conversation. I've even said so myself. It's just that I have been so wrapped up with the subject matter about which I would be blogging.

The subject matter about which you blog is entirely irrelevant. Blog about a new high tech doo dad, vacation in Europe, long distance phone service, or MTV. It doesn't make a difference. If you're being paid to blog about them, you're a marketer.

I've always kept track of the best in professional blogging and branding blogs to create my own blog. I knew that the latter were important to selling my blog. It just never occurred to me that that I was learning how to do this as a profession ... until I started doing it.

Good God! I've been a technical computer professional for 18 years! I'm going to have to start writing marketese! My soul! What will happen to my soul?!


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