Monday, July 30, 2007

What I Think About Your Blogger Wanted Ad (i.e. Not Much)

If you want good quality responses to your "Blogger Wanted" advertisements, you have to write an advertisement that will attract good quality responses.

Here are a few problems with the advertisements I've seen so far:

Payment only in advertisement revenue

Imagine if you offered this to your graphic designer or programmer.

I don't mind earning salary plus commission, but commission-only sucks. Besides, you're asking me to earn a commission on writing about topics you choose, when I could be writing on my own blog about topics I choose, earning more, and not having to split the commission.

Long lists of (bad) topics

If your advertisement includes 50 different topics including every annoying celebrity, I'm not that interested. First of all, you're probably only paying commission. Second of all, I don't really want to blog about the life of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears for any length of time.

No company feeling

When I work for a company, I think people, boss, co-workers, contract. If I freelance, I think colleagues, editors, contract.

Your advertisement has to make me think that you're serious people to work for, and not simply casting about for a money making scheme. I want to work for and with dependable people with phone numbers. I don't need to become friends, but I want to establish a real person to person relationship.

No idea, period

Look, if you're going to hire a blogger, you should know how blogging works. Bloggers are not simply PR machines, and slapping a blog onto your site isn't going to automatically produce 1000 inlinks and 20,000 readers in a week. Especially if you want to micromanage the blogging content and have it all be about your company.


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