Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Quiet Out There ... Too Quiet

Status: unchanged.

Last week I went on two blogging interviews. One of them asked me to send them some more info, which I did, but I haven't heard back. The other asked me to send references, which I did, but I haven't heard back.

A company I used to work for as a technical writer wants to rehire me and place me in a permanent outsourced technical writer position, for which I will interview next week.

All week I've been scouring major corporate blog resource sites looking for open blog positions. I find about twenty a day. Of which, two or three look interesting. I inquire.

What I really want is a full-time or part-time position as a blogger/company point man/editor/... What everyone wants from me is for me to write five 300 - 500 word posts a week for which they'll pay me ad revenue, or $5 plus ad revenue, with no other benefits or incentives.

There's one place ( that's willing to pay better and has invited me to submit long, well-researched posts. I'm gathering the research required before submitting to them. Other than that, it looks pretty bleak.

Is this what freelance writing is all about? I don't think I can do it.

I's tempted to say that I think companies don't yet "get it", but that's a cop out. I need to make them see it. My job. My responsibility.


P.S. And this site only has one reader a day (hi, Dee), but I'm too too unmotivated to start pushing it right now. It's not meant to be my money making site.

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