Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, I'm no longer working as a corporate blogger at all :-( .

For the last two months I was working 1 hour a day for a company doing a corporate blog, which was simply a once a day post about some item in their directory. Owing to the lack of windfall returns on the blog, combined with two posts that bothered them, we decided to end it. My vision of a blog didn't really match theirs.

My two mistakes were:

- Embedding a number of videos into a single post. Since I had Flashblock installed, I didn't notice that all the videos began playing as soon as the post was loaded into browsers that didn't have Flashblock. Youtube videos are not a problem with this, as you have to hit click to play the videos. Myspace videos begin playing automatically, and simultaneously. Stupid of Myspace.

- Posting a note about a feature that was dropped from the site a long time ago, even though it is still discussed on the web at large and people found it annoying. My employers didn't want me to discuss it at all.


In the meantime, still researching Web 2.0 sites. I'm compiling my list of funniest, stupidest, best, and so on. One of the funniest is this profile for George W. Bush on, an online calendar site.

I promised one of my commenters that I'd put together a post on the locations that I use to look for Blog job posts. Soon.



Dee Barizo said...

Sorry about that :(

Here's a place that might help you find the next blogging job.

Yehuda said...

Thanks, Dee. I'll keep moving forward. It's great having you as a reader!