Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top Ten Rejected Web 2.0 Ideas

1. Gonorreader - The newsgroup reader that's catching on like a virus.
2. DefrockedPriest - Your secret guide to young and agile web 2.0 religious sites.
3. YelloSno - Mark the web! Leave post-it notes anywhere on a web site. [1]
4. WreckedHum - Music covers. Go deep. Explore. See what you find.
5. Blue Balls - Frustrated at not getting what you want on the web? Click a blue ball and see what pops up!
6. Regurgit8 - Like what you once saw? See it again with this powerful bookmarking site.
7. sCatLog - The hidden web. A directory of what's left after you take out the good stuff.
8. ShoutAtYou - If you're hard of hearing, or you frequent noisy places, just forward your emails to us and we'll yell them at you over your phone. Mobile enable.
9. NotSeeLovr - An anonymous social dating chat site. You never know who you might be talking to!
10. FlemBucket - A Flemish sharing site. Take a drink of our culture and pass it around.


[1] Good grief, this URL exists and is a production company.

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