Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Blog is an Anomoly

This blog is not my main blog.

I don't do anything special to "bring in traffic". It has no top ten lists (ok, it will have no more top ten lists), no tweaked headlines, no special keywords, no SEO, no marketing, no affiliate links, and no cross-posting.

It updates when I feel like, which is roughly once a week right now. I love readers and comments, but I don't care about "growing" this blog, hooking search engines, or massaging links. No special ad placement or laser like blog focus.

In short, it has nothing that all the professional blogging pimps tell you to have and does nothing they tell you to do.

It has only one thing: the raw unadulterated truth about corporate blogging from the first-hand experiences of a professional corporate blogger.


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Gavin Schmitt said...

I don't see anything wrong with that. I know many people who's blogs serve only as a personal diary, a scrap book, or a rough tablet for their personal writing. While the blog adds the ability to show friends/others what you are working on, they don't specifically require any feedback (or even attention) of the greater populace.

While that is not strictly your goal here (you are here to inform, which requires people), I hope the freedom to 'not sweat the hits' continues.

Who knows, perhaps there will come a time when you've "said it all" and simply let this blog sit by the side. It will still be a valuable academic resource for bloggers (as long as they can find out about it).

cheers and respect