Monday, November 5, 2007

Working in Toronto

One of the drawbacks benefits of working from home as a corporate blogger, is that you can work anywhere. Which means while I'm visiting my wife in Canada, I'm working from home.

I don't get out too much, however, which kind of sucks.

What I'm up to: the site still has a way to go, so right now I'm still writing web content to create a "site", which means a collection of interesting pages beyond simply information about our services. I examined our service, searched the Internet, and decided that there wasn't a strong site devoted to a particular niche overlapping our service.

I could have chosen several niches, depending on how I looked at the service. Most of these were already covered in detail, so I chose the one that wasn't.

I'm also still editing English emails, marketing material, and copy for my marketer/boss, but thankfully less than before. I need the time to devote to creating a site.

And I'm still networking, although I've been neglecting that a bit with all the writing. I have to remember to balance the two.

Being at home is rather lonely sometimes. Although I technically don't need a laptop, I think I may have to get one just so I can go out and work in a cafe.


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